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How Do You Compare Painting Contractors?

What separates one exterior paint job from another and how do you compare painting contractors?
It's all in the preparation!

Proper paint preparation is the factor that most affects the lifespan and price of a paint job. Proper paint prep treating any mildew on the home and power washing at least three days before paintings. All bare wood needs to be primed with the right primer. All failed caulking needs to be scraped out (don't caulk over existing cracked caulking) and then re-caulked.

Next, the proper amount of paint needs to be applied. You can apply a single coat of paint color only, or you can apply both paint and a topical protection. Applying the proper amount of paint gives your home the best protection from the harsh northwest elements.

Most painting contractors hourly rates are fairly similar to each other. So, when your estimates vary greatly, this is usually the difference in the amount of prep the contractors are planning to do in addition to the quality of paint being used.

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