Paint Enhance Room Size


Are you living in a smaller city apartment or have a smaller sized room in a spacious home and are wondering how to enhance the “size” of the room using paint? By selecting the right paint colors for the wall, trim, and even the ceiling, you can trick the eye and mind into making the room feel bigger and look bigger.

Different colors of paint will change how a room is perceived by its inhabitants; where darker colors can help large rooms feel more intimate and smaller, lighter colors help make walls “recede”, helping cramped rooms appear roomy and more inviting. In addition, top a smaller room off with a specific ceiling color and you can enhance the room’s spaciousness even further.

Using Color to Make Rooms Feel Bigger

The lighter the color of your paint, the larger and more inviting your room will seem. Create an airy and expansive room environment by sticking with soft tones of off-whites, and very pale blues or greens. When choosing the shade for your walls, also choose accompanying shades for your trim and ceiling. By selecting an even lighter shade than your wall colors for molding and trim, the wall will seem further back to the eye, opening up the room. Last, add an even lighter shade to the ceiling to make the height of the ceilings look bigger.

Paint Stripes

Trick the Eye Using Painted Stripes

Painting stripes on walls is one of the oldest tricks in the book that can alter the shape of a room. If you want walls to seem taller, stick with vertical stripes, and switch to horizontal stripes if you need the room to feel longer. Also, stick with painting two walls only with stripes, as four can seem overwhelming. Depending on your personality, you can choose

more subtle contrasting colors such as a very pale gray next to a pearl/iridescent off white, or do something bolder such as black next to white, shown above.

Other Tricks to Make Rooms Looks Bigger

Renovating with paint will be one of your easiest and cheapest options for making a room or space look bigger. In addition to using light colors, or incorporating stripes, consider choosing one accent wall and painting it in a bold color to create an optical illusion. Depending on your personality, subtle colors can work too in helping trick the eye to the actual size of the room. Other tips that you can use in addition to paint include:

Paint Tricks
  • Lighting - Lighting can be another powerful tool in creating the feel of a larger space. While increasing natural lighting through the use of sheer window curtains is one of the simplest ways to let natural light flow in, sometimes a room doesn’t have a great view. In this case, add unique lighting fixtures and lamps that offer bright and powerful light.
  • Mirror - Mirrors are another effective method to creating more “space” in your room. Consider placing mirrors on the walls, especially near windows or areas of natural light.
  • Decluttering - Make a commitment to getting rid of any clutter, which will help the room look open and more organized. Also, remove any larger area rugs to help create the illusion of more floor space.
  •  To learn more about sprucing up your home with the use of paint and enhancing the “size” of your rooms, reach out to the expert team at Lossing Construction.