Siding Repair

Six Signs Your SIding Needs to BE Repaired or REPLACED

Owning property can mean regular upkeep and staying on top of numerous areas of the house, both inside and outside. Some homeowners, however, may forget to regularly check the siding of their home if they are preoccupied with other projects around the house. Home siding, whether it is wood siding or not, won’t last forever. For a variety of reasons, siding can crack, warp, and lose its integrity, eventually leading to costly repairs.

Keeping a close eye on your home’s siding not only maintains the value, energy efficiency, and safety of your entire home, but it can also keep you aware of any potential issues before a major siding repair project is necessary.

Not sure if your home is in need of siding repair, or possibly siding replacement? Here are six signs to look out for:

  • Cracks or Peels – Over time, you may notice that your home’s siding is showing signs of cracking or peeling. In addition to aging your home visually, these types of issues mean that moisture has made its way into the siding. At this point, if you forego siding repair, your home could be at risk for mold issues and water damage. If you have wood siding on your home and notice a chalky residue in certain areas of the siding, this indicates you are already dealing with some level of wood rot, moisture penetration or mold damage.
  • Warping – If you are planning to check your home’s siding in the near future, you will want to keep an eye out for warping issues. If warping occurs in any area of your siding, then you know the siding isn’t up to par. Warping can be caused by your siding’s surface, or because of a bigger issue dealing with the structure of your property.
    For homeowners with wood siding, be sure to carry a sharp object like a screwdriver with you when assessing your home for warping. If you see a warped area of siding, slide the screwdriver under the siding area and see how firm/solid the boards are. If they feel soft and easily shifted, there is likely decay that is in need of siding repair or siding replacement.
  • Areas of Mold – If you notice any signs of mold on your home’s siding, there is an issue with your siding that needs to be quickly addressed. The presence of mold indicates there has been some level of water permeation and damage, which can wreak havoc on the interior and exterior of your home. In addition to structural damage, mold can also cause illness.
    Not addressing this issue can lead to costly mold remediation down the line; be sure to speak to an experienced contractor about siding replacement in cases of mold.
  • Damage from Mother Nature – Depending on what area of the country you live in, damage from nature can also occur on your home’s siding. If your area experiences hail, snow, regular rain, high winds or other type of harsh weather, it is crucial to inspect your siding after regularly.
  • Critters, insects, etc. – Weather isn’t the only thing that can cause the need for siding repair or replacement. Squirrels, woodpeckers, insects, rodents and more can create damage to your home’s siding. Thoroughly inspecting your siding for any signs of critters or insects can make you aware of the problem before costly siding repairs are necessary.
  • Home interior issues – Signs that your siding isn’t doing its job and may be in need of siding repair or replacement can be found on the walls in your home’s interior. Notice an area of your wall that constantly has peeling wallpaper or paint? This may be caused by water infiltration getting through because of damaged or warped siding.

If you are unsure if an area of your home’s siding is damaged, warped, cracking or experiencing destruction from wildlife/nature, let the experienced contractors at Lossing Construction inspect it for you. With decades of experience as trusted contractors in the Pacific Northwest, the honest and skilled team at Lossing Construction can let you know if siding needs to be repair or replaced.

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