Painting Infographic


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We thought this infographic would be useful to all the professional painters out there. 
Sometimes it can be hard to put some of the most important things we do into words. The proof is in the finished product but few understand what goes into to each and every job and why the work professional painters do always looks so good.

Attention to details in the prep work and taking the necessary time to do all the prep work required for an outstanding job.  There is no substitute for quality and if it is not done right the first time you have to go back and do it again.

Also painting materials are so often taken for granted. Professional paints and stains as well as tools: brushes, rollers, prep and cleaning supplies costs are included in the bill of materials. Many do-it-yourselfers (diy'ers) are shocked when they learn the costs of quality painting tools.

Then there is delivery, removal and disposal of any excess supplies. Professional workmanship shows and is on display throughout the job from beginning to completion all the way to responsibly disposing of waste materials.

Painting professionals make transforming your room or whole home easier than you thought possible.