Creative Guest Room Refresh

Having out of town guests visit your neck of the woods can be an exciting adventure. Their stay is sure to be filled with seeing favorite places, creating new memories, and introducing them to all the things you love most about where you call home.

On the flip side, it can also be very stressful on you and your family when your space just isn’t guest-worthy. Here are some tips for sprucing up a guest room to give your company a visit they won’t soon forget.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

The most affordable way to spruce up a guest room is by painting it. Brightening up the walls with a fresh coat of paint will make the space feel new and welcoming, and creative tricks like painting the ceiling a lighter color than the walls will make a typically small space feel roomy and inviting.

Picking colors that are best for your space is vital when sprucing up a guest room.  The ambiance, atmosphere, and ‘feel’ of a room correlate strongly to the color on the walls and can greatly affect the mood of those staying there. Check out these common emotion- color combinations to determine which color is right for your guest room.

  • Blue- Blue often makes a space feel calm, tranquil, and inviting. It can also help with sleep. Consider hues that give the feel of a peaceful ocean scene or sky scape.
  • Green- Green has a feeling of relaxation and is a naturally peaceful color. It can be used to stabilize other colors paired with it.
  • Yellow- Yellow is a bright and friendly color, bringing feelings of happiness and sunshine into a space.
  • Purple- Purple can feel luxurious and noble, but can also render sadness as it is the color of mourning. Consider lighter hues of this color, or use rich deep purples as accents.
  • Red- Red is a color of passion and love but also can lead to feelings of anger when paired with other dark colors. When using the color of love, decorate with lighter accents.
  • White- White is a bright and clean feeling color that makes a space feel larger than it is. It can also be difficult to keep clean, so keep in mind how often the room will be used, and by whom.

Reorganizing Furniture

Changing the layout of the furniture in your guest room or even swapping some basic pieces with furniture from another room can completely change the look and feel for your guests. Consider moving the bed to a different side of the room, interchanging the dresser or night stand with one in another room, or removing some extra pieces all together to open up the space for your visitors.

Adding More Light

A great way to change the look of your space is to add more light. Simply put, items and walls look different under different lighting. Adding some floor or table lamps, installing a lit ceiling fan, or even putting in recessed lighting can completely alter how a room looks to your guests. You can give a room a bright and cheerful look or a romantic country-cottage feel just by adjusting the lighting.

Changing your Decor

Of course, changing the decor in your guest room will certainly spruce up that space for your visitors. Freshening up bedding, replacing window treatments and curtains, and adding or changing floor rugs will make the old seem new. Decorate with personal touches like a shelf with books and pictures, freshly cut flowers, and inviting throw pillows and lush accent blankets to make any space feel like a home away from home.

Sprucing up a guest room into a relaxing retreat can be a fun weekend project that makes a lasting impression on your guests. Don’t be afraid to have fun and take some risks - your visitors will thank you!

For more tips and help for creating a beautiful guest room, or to learn about our decades of experiencing in interior home painting, contact the experts at Lossing Construction.