Cost Plus Contracting Explained

Building or renovating a home can be a huge project, and is never taken lightly by the homeowners who are embarking on it. So much depends on finding the right team to work alongside the owners, designers, architects, and all the contractors who have a hand in making a dream home a reality. And while a project of this magnitude (whether it be a custom built home, a kitchen renovation, or a deck addition) is expected to have a decent price tag, so often homeowners are left in unfinished despair by unexpected costs, surprise disasters hidden behind a wall, or worse, untrustworthy construction “experts” that swindle homeowners and pad the building costs. This can turn a dream project into a money pit nightmare, but there are ways to prevent this from happening to you.

Build Your Dream Using the Cost Plus Model

Lossing Construction has not only an exceptional satisfaction rate, but a great billing model to keep their homeowners in the know and aware of each and every cost associated with their dream home project. The Cost Plus Contracting Model is an easy effective way for people renovating, adding onto, or building a new custom home to know what they are paying for every step of the way.

Here’s how:

Imagine you are planning a kitchen renovation, and your neighbor recommends Lossing Construction to you for your project. Her kitchen is gorgeous, so you give them a call. Lossing Construction takes the time to go over your plans and vision (it is your kitchen, after all) and gives their input into what they have seen be successful in the past- their decades of experience suddenly become yours. They will come along side of you and oversee all construction, and hire only the best sub-contractors to do your work.

While this service is great, a lot of other companies can boast this as well. Here is where Lossing Construction is different: you will see all of the costs associated with each sub-contractor- all the labor charges and costs for all materials with none of the hidden fees.

Plumbers, cabinet installers, painters (Lossing has you covered here), floor installers and tile layers may all be needed to bring your kitchen to perfection, and all have their own necessary materials and costs to go with them. No worries - you hired the team at Lossing Construction, remember? Their unique transparency method is revolutionary.

Homeowners can know exactly what the cost of their project is and why, with no mysteries or unknown charges slipped in. Lossing Construction charges a flat percentage for their contracting work, with no padding or inflating sub-contractor fees, and the job is done with no questions or budget headaches for the homeowner.

All you are left with is a clear-cut renovation plan and bill, and one amazing kitchen (or deck, or addition, or Master Bathroom….). If you can dream it, Lossing Construction can build it. Honestly and transparently.

Choosing a contractor you can trust to come into your house and transform it into the home of your dreams is the most important decision you will make in regards to your renovation or addition. (This is even more true if you are building a custom home from the ground up.) It can also be the easiest decision, if you choose Lossing Construction and their Cost Plus Contracting Model for all of your home building and construction needs.

Contact Lossing Construction today, and sleep better tonight knowing your renovation is in honest hands.