Top 5 ways to build a sustainable Home

Sustainable Home

Being eco-friendly in today’s world is more important than ever. Everyday practices and purchases can leave a lasting impact on our world. The list of small changes that have an effect on our environment for the better grows daily, but what about big changes? How can someone build a great home while leaving a small impact on our environment?

Check out these five ways to build a sustainable home that is family, budget, and eco-friendly…(your grandchildren will thank you):

Smaller is Better

Consider building a smaller home than what you originally planned. Being wise about utilizing often-wasted space will save you time, money, and make a smaller environmental footprint on the world. Built-in storage can save you on floor space in bedrooms, and hidden nooks and closets will give you the most bang for your buck in having lots of storage space with less costly square footage. Also consider building up rather than building out. This will condense the area that you need to heat and cool into  more narrow space, and could give you the height needed to utilize sunroofs and solar energy. Also, the smaller your roof, the less heat can escape from it.

Sustainable for the Win

When choosing resources for your new home build, sustainability is the winner, every time. Using renewable resources like wood, bamboo, cork, and linoleum can greatly reduce the impact your home has on the environment. All are naturally produced and can be sustainably harvested (look for suppliers who practice sustainable planting techniques), and can be recycled when they are no longer being used in your home. Consider these options for framing, walls, and even flooring. Reusing or repurposing materials from dealers and scrap yards will also keep your build eco-friendly and could save you money.

Smart Thermostat

In the past, energy efficient thermostats were only available in upscale homes; they are now an accessible, eco-friendly appliance in homes everywhere. The high programmability of these devices can control the heating and cooling in your home based on the time of day, time of year, and your family’s schedule. This not only keeps down energy costs, it reduces energy consumption and production and leaves a positive mark on the environment. Some thermostats will even work with “smart home” technology and are voice activated or app controlled, which means the settings can be changed even when you are away from home.

Coolest Roof in Town

When building a sustainable, eco-friendly home, do not overlook your roof’s “coolness”, referring to the roofing materials you choose, which can greatly reduce the environmental footprint of your home. Some roofing materials can cool faster at night than others and can even deflect the energy from the sun on a hot day. These products both reduce your energy costs and are eco-friendly. Ask your builder about utilizing metal, slate, tile, or terra cotta, which will not only look great but ensure your roof is keeping your house cool in all the right ways. While these materials may be more costly upfront, the energy and environmental benefits will make up for it in the long run.

The Right Windows

A great way to create a “green” home and keep it environmentally friendly and sustainable is to choose the right windows. There are many different window options on the market today that claim to be energy efficient and will save you money. Energy- Star windows are relatively new and may be even more eco-friendly than the newest double paned versions on the market right now. Check with your builder for the best options in your budget to keep the outside air out and even control the heat from the sun as it streams in.

Building a home can be an exciting and daunting experience. Putting these five tips into practice will ensure that your home is energy efficient, eco-friendly, and will have a lasting positive environmental impact for years to come. Sustainable home building is possible. Speak with an expert at Lossing Construction to get you started on your dream green home today!